Who are We

Go back to some 35+ years. Two little girls in school. That’s how we, the people behind this venture met. Work is never work, when it combines your passion. And for us, its both writing and food! Another passion we share is dance. 

Adding on, when it’s your childhood friend you are working with it becomes even more fun!

One who loves food, but prefers not to do the cooking, unless the need for it hits- find anything relatable? That’s me! Not that I don’t know how to cook, but more that I choose not to. Having hoards of cousins, brothers and sisters, aunts and not to forget the supercook, my mom all who  cook so well, you would think that I would turn out to be a gourmet cook. But, guess the genes passed me by. Baking, however, I love to. Sometimes the need to bake something hits me so bad, that you’d probably find me by my oven, at even 10 at night. But even that is a rare thing.

But not to worry, we will bring you only the tried and tested recipes. After all, what’s my buddy and the network of family for, right?

Now that you know a bit about me how about a bit of something about my “partner foodie”? She loves food, but the difference being she is equally passionate about cooking. A businesswoman and a mother of one, her son who is also a foodie. You can imagine then that she obviously gets to try out her passion for cooking. She, in my opinion, knows to balance life and business alike. So, do you think we’d make perfect partners?

The basis for this venture is not just our passion for food or our friendship, though these cement our belief that we work well together. The compatibility that we have built over the last couple of years, working on and off for projects together make us believe so. A casual conversation on WhatsApp Friends group sharing pics of food inspired the cook in my buddy to kickstart this venture. She came with the idea to me, and I was onboard from day one!
We aim to tell that cooking is an art. Some find it difficult and others may think it’s easy. Our idea is to make cooking not just interesting but also easy for lazy cooks (like me), newbie or expert cooks alike. We realised that more and more kids are becoming passionate about cooking. Hence we offer a ‘no fire cooking’ section for kids.
Hope you enjoy our attempt! So, here comes the FoodieBuddies on our mission to ‘simplify food’.