Can everyone contribute recipes? 

Yes, anyone can contribute recipes to our website. 

How to submit recipes to the site?

If you wish to see your recipes on our website, you can send in the recipes to cookingrevived@gmail.com and we will update it to the site.

Who will take credit for the recipes? 

We make sure to credit the contributor for the recipes they give.

What recipes should you submit?

All the recipes listed on our website are tested and tried recipes. So please make sure that you send the recipes that are tried by you.

Are the nutritional facts on the recipe page accurate?

The nutritional facts are approximate values only. There may be a slight variation depending on the measurement used and the quantity of the ingredients used or alternated.

Are the quantities mentioned exact?

Each one has their own taste and it varies, especially when it comes to spicing up the dish or sweetening the dish. It is our individual choice of how much we should use.