Our Team

Our Team at Cooking Revived

You will get to know the people behind the screen, whose hard work reflects on this site. What we share is the passion for food. The aim of our team is to entertain, inform and help people who love food and cooking. We also give you an insight into the contributors who have shared their cooking expertise and recipes with us.

Vidya Gopinath

Co-Founder and Voice of Cooking Revived 

Culinary Content Author, Blogger and the brain who brings to life the content that you see on the site. That’s obviously me. My idea is to weave the recipes and content with a story and thus to entertain the readers. I also give video concepts and edits support. I contribute recipes, if ever the mood to cook hits me.

Babitha Rosy Santhosh 

Co-Founder and Voice of Cooking Revived 

Technical Queen and Marketing Expert, she is the brain behind this idea. It’s her hardwork behind the scene, reflecting in the design and technicalities that you see on our site. Culinary Content Support given. She also contributes her recipes and articles here.

Neal Santhosh

Technical Support and Kid Wizard. Logo launch animation and logo video concept by him. He is a real foodie and also loves cooking, like his mom. He is also the one who made some of the no fire cooking recipes. Hope to showcase his recipes in the future, too.

Recipe Contributors

Vilasini Gopinath

A homemaker and an expert cook, her recipes are always delicious and mouthwatering. She loves trying out new dishes that are yummy. In her recipes you’ll find everything from breakfast to desserts (Well, as the name suggest she’s my mom and now you definitely know how I turned out a foodie). Get her treasured recipes here.

She also loves to cook and feed her family and friends.

Shanta Sreenivas

She likes cooking, this homemaker. Everyone in the family enjoys her easy and delicious cooking. She’s my aunt and has equal contribution as a cook fueling my passion for food. She has also contributed yummy recipes, here.

Shabnam Bahmanian

A US born Persian pre-school teacher, mother of a soon to be one year old and a very good cook, she’s my sister in law. I for one, love her cooking. Her contributions and interesting international recipes add to our collection. She’s succeeded very well in making Indian cuisines too.

Jasintha George

A homemaker who likes cooking, her recipes include more of traditional kerala style food. It gives off a homely taste. Get her recipes here.

Jeena Sumesh

A teacher by profession and a mother of a boy, she’s also passionate about cooking. She loves to experiment and try out new recipes. Find the yummy recipes she’s contributed here

Sai Meera

Someone who cooks that rarely now, but when ever she does it is always yummy! She brings quite a few recipes for you here.

Shani Pricilla

She is the mother of two beautiful girls with a deep passion for cooking. From traditional tamil dishes to any dish from any cuisine, she makes them deliciously with perfection. You will get some of her yummy recipes here.

Nehla Ahad

Cooking is her passion and her recipes are interesting and yummy. From traditional to modern cooking, she does it all. Check out some of her recipes here.

Janice D’Souza

Giving classic comfort foods a twist, cooking is her passion. You can find some interesting recipes of hers here.