Brown Sugar V/S White Sugar – How Different Is It?

Brown Sugar VS White Sugar

Brown Sugar V/S White Sugar – How Different Is It?

Many people often opt for wheat bread over white bread or even brown rice over white rice, as they think it to be a more healthy option. Now, sugar is one such thing where brown sugar is also considered as a healthier option. But, have you wondered how true it is? We did a short research on the topic Brown Sugar V/S White Sugar – How Different Is It? Here is the report.

Facts About Brown Sugar

While white sugar is processed sugar without molasses, brown sugar can actually be just white sugar with molasses or it can be either unrefined or partially refined soft sugar consisting of sugar crystals with some residual molasses content. What you need to know is that it is not powdered form of jaggery as one might think. The brown liquid molasses is what gives the brown color to the sugar. So, while both these sugar are the same calorie wise and nutrition wise, we can still consider brown sugar to be slightly better as the molasses in it imparts a bit of iron, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. 

Uses Of White V/S Brown Sugar

You can use both White and brown sugar in cooking as well as baking. It is the different taste and texture of each that makes it most suitable for different types of culinary activities. Since, the brown sugar also caramelises better than white sugar, it is most suitable to make savory sauces, gravy and marinades. Meanwhile, brown sugar is also made use in skin exfoliation. 

Types Of Brown Sugars

Some  types of brown sugar include light brown sugar, dark brown sugar, muscovado, demerara and so on. The commercial brown sugar contains wither 3.5% molasses giving the light brown sugar or about 6.5% molasses, which results in dark brown sugar.

Thus we can conclude that while the nutritional value of brown sugar is a vee bit more, still for diabetics patients its best to avoid both.

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