Easy Way to Make Milkmaid at Home

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Easy Way to Make Milkmaid at Home

Be it the Holi, Diwali or Ramadan, sweets and desserts are necessary and so milkmaid is often found in the households. From the kheer to the Rasmalai or even in cakes, milkmaid is used.  Now, buying this can be expensive and so many people have come out with different ways to make this at home.

Here, I will try and bring you how to make milkmaid at home. My mom tried it out and it was an instant hit.  Well, I am not talking about the long process of heating milk for hours to condense it and so on. Here is an easy 5-8 minute recipe on making milkmaid at home.

Milkmaid Recipe

If you believe milkmaid is expensive to buy regularly, there is an easy alternative; you can make it at home.  For this, you will need some very common ingredients found in most households, sugar, milk powder,  hot water and finally ghee or butter.  Very easy to make, you can also make this in large quantities and refrigerate it. This will stay for 2-3 months.


  • ½-cup sugar (you can powder it)
  • 1-cup milk powder
  •  ½-cup hot water
  • 2-tsp melted ghee/ butter

First, combine sugar with milk powder and hot water. Then, mix it all together so that no lump is formed.  Afterward, put it on gas on slow fire for 2-3 minutes, stirring continuously.  Now, take it off from heat and add in the ghee or butter. My mom used ghee. You have to mix it well and let it cool for some time. After that, blend it all using a mixer.  The condensed milk or milkmaid is now ready.

In some other recipe, the process omitted heating on a slow fire and I personally felt that it tasted a bit too much of milk powder as against the one that I have just given here. However, over time the taste reduced. Even then, I personally prefer the version given above.

Uses of Milkmaid

From the desi kheer to Kerala Special Payasam or Rasmalai, Puddings, cakes and Burfi’s, you use milkmaid very widely. Then again, how can one forget ice creams and even drinks? Therefore, next time you find the need for a milkmaid, try making this at home instead of hurrying to the store. This can save you time and money. 

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