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Know Your Cheese

Who does not love cheese? Be it as a filling for bread or the topping for desserts or even just as a snack, it is a highly popular food item, across the world. It plays a very important role across the cuisines of the world by adding an extra flavour to the dishes. However, there are numerous types of cheese with different flavours and its uses vary as well and it is important to know your cheese. Here, I will introduce you all to some of the types of cheese. 

Paneer / Cottage Cheese

Well, to begin with, in India especially, Paneer or Cottage Cheese is the most popular. It is a kind of fresh cheese, most popular in South Asian Cuisines. In some parts of India, it is also known as channa, made by curdling milk with lemon juice or vinegar. Other names for it are the curd cheese or even farmer cheese. You can use it as a starter, salad or in curries. It can also be used as a filling for parathas or even in some desserts. 

Kalimpong Cheese

Hailing from a hill station of the same name in West Bengal, the Kalimpong is white, slightly acidic and crumbly in the centre with a smooth rind. If kept well wrapped in a fridge, it will mature slowly and ripen in a few months. It is a good accompaniment with grapes and cheese biscuits or even well melted with mustard toast. If you wish, you can also just crumble into the salad for better taste. 

Bandel Cheese

Another Asian Cheese of Portuguese Origin made by separating the curd from whey using lime juice. After that, it is moulded and drained in small baskets and then smoked. This cheese comes in two varieties, one plain of white in colour and the other smoked, which is brown in colour. It can be stored and is well-salted giving it a bit of a tart flavour. 

Mozzarella Cheese

With a mild flavour and originating from Italy, it is made from Buffalos milk. However, it is also being made from cows, goats or sheep milk, nowadays. You can get it either as fresh or dried in the market. Fresh mozzarella is good in Salads and Sandwiches. Fresh mozzarella balls with cherry tomatoes and basil leaves, is just a yummy starter. Meanwhile, dried mozzarella goes well in baked dishes like Pizza, Lasagna and such.   

Feta Cheese

Creamy in texture and of Greek Origin, this cheese is just yummy when tossed with some roasted bell peppers, olives and nuts. Also, highly filled with nutrients it is best to taste when grilled. This cheese is made from Goats’ or Sheep’s’ milk. 

Cheddar Cheese

Rich in protein and in calories, it originated in a village of the same name, located in England. The creamy flavour and its smooth texture make it popular. It definitely tastes better with it tanginess, when aged a bit. Widely used in Pastas, toasts, it is also used as a grilled appetizer. 

These types of cheese are widely found across India, as well now. Meanwhile, some of the well-known cheese companies of India also do manufacture wide varieties of cheese, including some of these. At the same time, people who want to buy different kinds of cheese can look at Big Basket.

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