Learn All About Marination

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Learn All About Marination

How often have you drooled over that steak or some grilled or baked fish? Have you wondered what is it that adds to the taste of these dishes? Yes, you got that right. It’s indeed the marinade that does the trick. Read further to learn all about marination.

What is a Marination? 

Marination is the process of soaking the fish, meat or chicken in some seasoned liquid or marinade to add to the taste. The ingredients in a marinade can work wonders together by combining to add tenderness, moisture, and flavour to the dish. 

Now the perfect marinade is made by combining some acid (like vinegar or lime juice) with some enzyme (like mango or kiwi) to make the meat tenderer. 

Know About Marination

Now, while marination can enhance the taste of some food, marinating some food items for too long may make the meat tougher.  

While pork tenderloin soaked in the marination of lime juice can taste awesome, using too much acid in a marinade for chicken could toughen the meat. At the same time, it could cook shellfish or prawns

Also, keep an eye on marinades with sweeteners as it may burn too soon. 

Marination Time

For marinades that use acids or salts, make sure to marinate food items for only up to 4 hours or so. This is because they tend to chemically cook or denature food items if kept for long. Marinades that use citric acids or lime juice often tend to change the colour and taste of food items. So marinate these for only 2 hours. 

For lamb or beef steaks or pork chops, to get best results you can marinate for 2 to 4 hours. For the full roast, you can even marinate it for overnight. Poultry like chicken breasts can be marinated for up to overnight. However, seafood like fish or prawns shows best results when marinated for 15-30 minutes. Meanwhile, 5 minutes is the ideal time for scallops.

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