Woo your Valentine with Food this Valentine’s Day!

Woo your Valentine with Food this Valentine’s Day

Woo your Valentine with Food this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the time to express your love. Not to just your partner or significant other, family or even friends. It is also the time to express your love towards food. All the foodies out there will be able to relate with me here!

Earlier, gifting chocolates was a very common instance for Valentine’s Day that many feel is out-dated now. Nevertheless, how many know that chocolates can actually act as an aphrodisiac inducing in you a feeling of attraction and happiness? Now, do I hear a scramble of feet, vying to get hold of some chocolates to gift your valentine? So, if you think the perfect way to end the valentine dinner is with some yummy chocolate tart or mousse then do go for it.

Meanwhile, let us look at some more food items that are apt for Valentine’s Day:

Food items Best Suited for This Valentine’s Day

Basil: Known more as a health food, not may associate basil with love. However, some believe that it can also trigger an aphrodisiac effect. Well, true or not, basil is used a lot in Italian food, pasta and pizza. I for one love the smell and taste of basil, and especially the skewered starter of basil with mozzarella cheese balls and cherry tomatoes. Some would suggest watermelon as an alternative for tomatoes. If you ask me, I would say let us replace the tomatoes with some cherries, if possible.

Almonds:  High in vitamin E content, almonds are also good for female hormones and is said to be a symbol of fertility for a century or more now. If you are looking for some yummy chocolate recipes with almond, you can replace the peanut butter with almond butter for our peanut butter chocolates recipe maybe, or you could also replace the cashew with almonds in our no-cook chocolate balls.

Apples: This fruit can get you into the mood for some love, it is said. A very apt fruit for valentine’s time would you not say? Apple pies and apple tarts seem like the best food to woo or propose to your valentine on this day.

You can also get cooking to impress your Valentine

Well, after all the suggestion of food items to woo your Valentine, do you not think it is time to impress them with your cooking skills? We have some ideas from our recipe list for your Valentine’s Day. We have you sorted for a good valentine dinner. Check out:

Greet your valentine with some welcome drink. We have the mint lime with khus-khus updated here. For the soup, you can check out our drumstick soup. Delicious and healthy, you can also make it quickly. Then, proceed to our Sautéed Green Beans Salad as an aside to some grilled chicken or baked fish. Finally, to end your day with some decadent dessert that meets with the gooey goodness of butterscotch or chocolate. My selection is the Butterscotch pudding with 3-layers. On the other hand, if you would rather not spend more time making a dessert, then you can choose the easy to make no-cook chocolate balls.

Dining out with your Valentine

Meanwhile, if you would instead take your valentine out, we have some suggestions for dining out in Bangalore and Calicut. Bun club, a small café in Calicut best known for its Fruit Charlotte cake is best to hit in the evening for some tea and sweet time with your valentine. Now, if you are in Bangalore and want some uptown and cozy dining experience with your valentine, the Farzi Café at UB City may be your cup of tea. Alternatively, do you have a hankering to try some fusion foods or even the signature dish of Calicut, the biryani with your Valentine? Then, MGrill, Paragon seems to be the answer to you.

Hope our suggestions have given you an idea on how to impress your special someone. So, let us start preparing ahead for an awesome Valentine’s Day!

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