Excess salt in your curry – What to do?

Excess Salt in Curry - What to do

Excess salt in your curry – What to do?

Today we will be talking about an issue that every homemaker would have faced at least once, if not often in the kitchen when cooking. What to do if you end up putting excess salt in your curry? After preparing a meal for your loved ones, and you finally taste it only to know that it is too salty! Salt can be such an overwhelming taste minimizing the taste of other flavours. Now, if you ever come across such a situation, do not panic. There are a few ways to sort this out.

Some tips to reduce excess salt in curry

  • One common method people use to absorb the excess salt in curries is to put a potato into it. Potatoes can absorb the excess salt in the gravy.
  • If it is a stew that has the issue, you can even sort it by adding some more coconut milk into it.
  • If you have some fresh cream at home, add some of it to the gravy to minimize the salty taste of the curry. Fresh cream makes your gravy a bit thick and also gives it a delicious taste.
  • If the curry is made with ground coconut, adding more of it helps.
  • For any vegetable curry or kurma, sautéing some more vegetable in oil (make sure you don’t add salt to this) and adding to the curry can help.
  • It is said that in the olden days, people used to add banana leaf stalk into the gravy. It will absorb the excess salt. But, you will have to remove the stalk before serving.
  • Depending on the type of gravy (like sambar, or any gravy made with ground coconut), you can add rice soup to reduce the excess salt in the gravy.
  • You can also saute some onions in very little oil and grind it in the mixer to make a paste. Now add the paste to the gravy and let it boil. This will also enhance the taste of the gravy.
  • You can add small balls of flour dough (3 or 4 balls depending on the quantity of your dish) into your curry. These balls of flour dough will absorb the excess salt in your curry. But make sure to remove them from your curry some ten-fifteen minutes later. Some say, you can even add some rice balls into the curry to absorb the salt.
  • For some curries, you can even add some milk so that it reduces the salty taste of your curry.

So next time, you land up adding excess salt in your curry, do not panic. You can easily sort this and enhance its taste too. If you have any unique tips, please do let us know, so that we can include it too.

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