What to do if milk curdles when boiling

What to do if milk curdles when boiling

What to do if milk curdles when boiling

Curdling of milk when boiling it is a very common thing that every homemaker or mother faces very frequently. There are many reasons for the milk to curdle when it is boiling. There are chances that it may have been expired as well, this being one among the many reasons. And one question that comes to your mind is – “What to do if milk curdles when boiling?”.

One question that comes to our mind is that “is it safe to eat the curdled milk?”, and the answer is definitely “yes”. But, many hesitate to do it or rather dislike its taste. However, with a few alterations, to the curdled milk, you can very well eat and enjoy it. Here is a simple cooking hack!

What my mom did with curdled milk

When I was a kid, I eagerly used to wait for the milk to curdle. Now, does that sound funny? Here is what my mom used to make. If the milk curdles when boiling, the first thing to do is to strain it and remove all the excess water. But before that make sure you boil it for some extra time. You can also wash this in water to remove any smell that irritates you and then squeeze out all the water. Now, with a spoon keep mixing it so that the curled milk becomes smooth. While doing this add some sugar according to your taste and a few drops of vanilla essence. Mix well till smooth. Chill it for some time and have it. You will love it for sure and will wait for the milk to curdle.

Then again, you can make paneer or Indian cotton cheese with this so that you can make a lot of dishes with it including desserts.

So, if the milk curdles next time when you boil it, don’t be disheartened. You can simply change it to a yummy dessert.

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