Quick Tips to Make Soft Roti

How to make soft roti

Quick Tips to Make Soft Roti


Rotis or chappatis is an integral part of Indian cuisine. Everyone loves a soft roti.

Here are some quick tips to make soft roti

(every mother or homemaker would love these)

  • First, mix flour with warm water to make the dough. Some would say to add hot water. However, for me warm water does the magic.
  • Alternatively, you can use a small portion of milk or coconut milk to make the dough, reducing the quantity of water. This will enhance the taste as well.
  • Some say that adding curd while preparing the dough make the chappatis or rotis softer.
  • You could also smash/grind a banana and mix it with the dough. This will make the rotis soft, even if you have to keep it for long.
  • Likewise, add raw banana cooked with a little salt and pepper powder and ground to a fine paste. Next, add the flour to this and then make the dough. This will make the rotis not just soft but also nutritious.
  • Similarly, you can do with vegetables, especially the ones your kid does not love at all. (Being a mom of a foodie who is choosy with vegetables, I tried out the same with different vegetables like radish, methi and palak and have succeeded. For methi leaves, saute them in oil with shallots, pepper and salt and then mix them in the dough).
  • Also, add a tablespoon of oil or ghee to the dough and knead it thoroughly for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Make sure that the dough is not too hard or too soft.
  • Rest the dough for at least half an hour. The more the better!
  • Fold the dough brushing oil in each fold. Rest for 10-15 minutes and then roll them evenly to make the rotis.
  • Also, consider the heat of the pan/ griddle. Preheat the pan always and ensure the pan is evenly heated. Then, cook the roti on medium heat.

Hence, if you follow these quick tips to make soft roti, you should have no trouble getting a soft, fluffy roti that everyone would love.

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