Happy Valentines Day

Valenines day special - cooking revived

It’s Valentines Day and Love is in the air. The whole world is celebrating love in the midst of the pandemic and of course, it is a much-needed break. The internet is filled with offers and deals for all items. They range from mattresses to fashion accessories, from bakeware to even groceries. Phew, all these offers are so different from the other. Makes me think if they are in any way related to valentine’s day. E-commerce and online stores have also identified this as a day to promote their products. So every post or ad that we see around is full of these discounts and offers. To conclude we can say that, valentine’s day is not just a day for love, but it’s also a day for promotions and offers.

Valenines day special - cooking revived

Those apart – let’s talk about love, let’s celebrate love. George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. Very true – take it from me – this is the real truth statement. Does this need a detailed explanation? The quote says it all. So spend your day with the food you love. Make this Valentines day Special!

Happy Valentines Day to all Food Lovers!!

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