Chiratta Biriyani – the biriyani in a coconut shell

Chiratta Biriyani - Hotel MayFlower Calicut

Chiratta Biriyani – the biriyani in a coconut shell

Biriyani has been my all-time favourite, and it’s not just me, my family as well. I always try out new variants of biriyani. Today, I am gonna review the “Chiratta Biriyani” from Hotel Mayflower, Calicut. Chiratta Biriyani – the biriyani in a coconut shell!

When I first heard the name, I was a bit startled and was confused about how it would be and how it will taste. I doubted whether it would taste like coconut. But to my surprise and delight, it was really yummy. We ordered Chicken Chiratta Biriyani, though there were prawns, fish and egg biriyani available in a coconut shell.

tTe biriyani in a coconut shell

Before the biriyani, came the accompaniments – raita, pickle, masala papad, and pineapple rings. When the chiratta biriyani finally arrived, after some time of wait (make sure you don’t order this when you are in a hurry, as it will definitely take some time), I was eagerly looking into it. It indeed was looking different when you compare it to the regular biriyani we get in a kadai or plate. The biriyani came in a full coconut shell topped with some chopped tomatoes. Wow… A different look. The whole biriyani was emptied from the coconut shell on to the plate. Oh my goodness….The flavourful aroma that was filling the room cannot be explained in words.

Chiratta Biriyani in the plate… Simply delicious

Talking about the looks of the biriyani – it is totally different from the regular biriyani and so is the taste. The biriyani was really hot – hot from the pot, sorry coconut shell. There was very less oil or ghee and we actually enjoyed it. It is not very spicy, the masala is well sauteed and the chicken perfectly cooked. The rice was not sticky. It was a perfect biriyani! The best part was that an extra shell of rice accompanied it. One chiratta biriyani is sufficient for a person, but if you want more rice, you get it without an extra penny. I really appreciate the technique used as it absorbed all excess oil in the biriyani.

So if you are from Calicut and if you have not yet tried this Chiratta Biriyani, make sure you try it at least once. For others, whenever you visit Calicut, make sure you don’t skip this one from Hotel MayFlower in the midst of other popular biriyani’s in Calicut as this place is known for biriyani.

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