French Onion Chicken Soup served in a Bread Pot

French Onion Chicken Soup in Bread Pot from MGrill

French Onion Chicken Soup served in a Bread Pot

Soup with a difference

Though I am not a frequent visitor of MGrill, every time, I just drool over their French Onion Chicken Soup. MGrill – a multi cuisine restaurant at Focus Mall, Calicut, is a part of the Paragon Group of Hotels and has made a remarkable place for itself in the culinary world. If you want to know the real taste of authentic food with good quality, this is a place that you must visit. Their Biriyani is a must try.

Though it is hard to get a reservation during rush hours, we were lucky. We got a very comfortable place to enjoy our dinner.

Without any second thought, the first thing that I order almost always is this MGrill special, the Chef Recommended French Onion Soup along with a starter (about which I shall post a review later).

French Onion Chicken Soup – Appetizing and Authentic

After some time of waiting, the soup arrived. Grandeur in the way it was presented, it seemed to me like a royal dish from a royal cuisine. LOL! My son was so eagerly waiting to fall into the bread pot. The top of the bread bowl is carefully cut open to fill in the soup. You can also close the bread bowl with the same lid, when served. Every sip of it brought forth delectable flavours making you want more. Topped with caramelized onion and shredded chicken, this soup is definitely worth a try and yes, it is really compelling.

Have you ever heard of, “eating the bowl along with the soup”? This soup is the answer for that question. The soaked bread from inside the bowl gave that extra thickness to the soup. This literally means that you can eat your bread bowl along with the soup. However, the classic Indian style of dividing the soup amongst two or three people is not possible with this one. The main reason for that is that it is served in the bread pot. You must also have it from the pot.

One fact that needs special mention is that the soup is really filling leaving very less space in your tummy for the main course and dessert. To sum up, I must say that the soup was very refreshing and delicious. And I must say that we spend some quality family time together in the soothing ambience of MGrill.

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