Haleem – an authentic Hyderabadi dish from Behrouz Biriyani

Haleem – an authentic Hyderabadi dish from Behrouz Biriyani

Haleem – an authentic Hyderabadi dish from Behrouz Biriyani

I recently read somewhere that Ramzan is the favourite time of the year in Hyderabad especially if you love Hyderabadi food. Now, the same is true of Bangalore as well. Along with all the food stalls opening up on the streets for Ifthar kits and delicacies, the Restaurants also have come up with interesting Ramazan food items, in Bangalore. After all lot of failed attempts to go out to one of these stalls, I finally satisfied my hankering for Haleem, an authentic Hyderabadi dish that is most famous in Bangalore during Ramzan time by ordering it via Swiggy. I ordered Haleem from Behrouz Biriyani.

Ordering for it also took very little time, as Swiggy pulled up 2-3 Restaurants near my location that served Haleem. I wanted to taste authentic Haleem and that how I chose Behrouz Biriyani. 

In a span of 30-40 minutes of ordering via Swiggy, the doorbell rang, food was at my doorstep and my Ramazan dinner was sorted. 

It is a royal authentic Hyderabadi delicacy made of mutton, lentils and wheat flour. Haleem from Behrouz Biriyani came neatly packed with a side of Kubooz (the flat Arabian bread that looks like chapati). I also ordered some falafel pops or small pieces of falafel to go with it. 

And “amazing”…is not the word I have for it. I just loved it. The Haleem -mildly flavored, creamy and succulent was simply irresistible. It just melted in my mouth and the soft and tasty Kubooz made for a good meal with it. Also, the falafel poppers added a nice touch with its authentic flavor and spiciness.

Behrouz Biriyani – as the name suggests is very popular for its range of biriyanis. Maybe sometime I will try one of those and will surely leave my food review here.

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