Rasmalai Tresleches – An International Twist to our Desi Cuisine!

Rasmalai Tresleches

Rasmalai Tresleches – An International Twist to our Desi Cuisine!

Only one time I ever visited this place and I became a total fan of their dessert – Rasmalai Tresleches. Farsi café, at the UB City Mall, Bengaluru is undoubtedly a fun and quirky place. It is also popular for innovation in not just their menu but also in presenting it to you.  Some might say the food is too expensive. However, my view is that people who love classy ambience and look for a relaxing fine dining experience would in fact just love this place. Modern sleek and lively atmosphere with quirky menus that bring Indian cuisine to vogue- that is Farzi Café for you.

Rasmalai Tres-leches- The Taste of It!

Well, my review here though is not of the café, but a dessert I still drool on, to this date, which is Rasmalai Tresleches. I can still feel the yummy taste of that mouth-watering item in my mouth. Here, you see a combination of my favourite desserts, the Bengali delicacy Rasmalai (flattened chenna in sugar syrup with thick creamed kesar flavoured milk) and the ever-famous Tres-Leches milk cake (known for its layers of cake, filling and topping, normally made using three types of milk). Now, all you foodies and food lovers out there, do you ever wonder why this is my favourite dessert from Farzi Café?

It is a Visual and Sensory Experience!

The dessert was a visual as well as a sensory experience. Adding to its quirkiness, you also get to taste the goodness of carrot.  As I said in one of my instagram posts earlier, this is where Rasmalai meets up with carrot in a Tres-Leches Cake. Since, we have already established earlier that Farzi Café is known for innovation in their plating style, you should not be too surprised to see this delicacy with a sugar spun crown on it. That is the decoration on it is made of spun sugar and adds to the appearance.

Me satisfied with the Culinary Experience!

Finally, that is it from me. In a nutshell, this is not a paid gig and just my personal opinion and my experience. As they say, food becomes more fun when you have your favourite company with you. I paid a visit here with my parents and my brother, i.e. family time! So, if I sound a bit biased it could be the company along with my sweet tooth and excitement on getting to eat both my favourites in one dessert that makes me rave about it. In a nutshell – I simply loved Rasmalai Tresleches!

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